Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Another Additon"

We have had some fun news since I last blogged! We are adding baby #3 to our family come April 24, 2010! We are all very excited for our new addition! I am 8 weeks and definitely "feeling it" for sure! And I mean-nauseous most of the day, and very tired! But, at least that hopefully means things are working properly! And, all of my pregnancies have been this way-lucky me! :0) The girls are very excited and keep saying since we have 2 girls, that they need a baby brother this time! I guess we'll see! We are so thankful and feel very blessed! If you think of it, please pray for protection and healthy growing for this little one!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Counting my Blessings"

My mother used to always tell me since I was a little kid to 'count my blessings' when something didn't go my way. Well, tonight I'm just counting my blessings for no reason (which is what I need to do more often). I just love my family so much! I am blessed beyond measure with a fabulous husband and two amazing little girls.
Bruce took Avery on a 'daddy/daughter date' tonight to get some ice cream at Maggie Moo's. I love how everytime they get back, Avery is just beaming with excitement of how special she feels. It's amazing how I can just tell her confidence is boosted, her personality comes out (even more than it already is-hard to believe), and how 'alive' is the only word I can think of, that she seems. I love the daddy/daughter relationship I see between both of my girls. I'm so blessed to have an amazing husband who loves his girls to pieces and desires to spend time with each of them. I can't wait to keep watching more amazing moments between them.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Avery's 1st week of Pre-K"

My big girl started Pre-K this week! She is going Tues-Thurs at a sweet little school-Arkansas Baptist. She loves it! Every day she isn't going, she asks me, "Is today preschool, mommy? I just love preschool!" She feels like such a big girl! It's so weird to me, cause its real school-she sits at a desk, has a uniform (that's not what I would dress her in :0) ), and she learns about reading, writing, music, math, pe, library, and lots more. I'm so thankful we were able to put her at this school this year. I love it that she has a verse she learns each week, and they learn the alphabet by learning a verse with each letter. I'm a bit of a 'school nerd' so I get real 'giddy' about her going to school. I just love all the things she is going to learn this year. She is so ready! I didn't have tears, but got a little sentimental the first day I dropped her off. At least it's only 3 days! I realize I must soak up as much as I can of her this yr, before she starts going everyday next yr! Sniff>sniff!!! Honestly, the saddest part is Riley asking where "E-E" is (as she calls Avery) about every hour she is gone. I think she really misses her big sister!

This is Avery and her sweet teacher, Mrs. McMorran

Friday, August 21, 2009

"My Baby is 2"

Last Tuesday my little punkin' turned 2! I can't believe it's already been 2 years! She, along with Avery, is the light of my life and I love watching her grow! I am so blessed to have Riley in my life-her smile and her cute lil' laugh is worth a million!
On Sunday, we had a fun summer party with all the cousin's, plus our sweet friends the Billingsleys that were in town! Our friend bob let us borrow their 'aquapark waterslide', as Avery calls it-and the kids HAD A BLAST!!! They played on it for nearly 5 hours! It was a big hit! Ice cream cones were sorta the theme, so we had a ice cream cone cupcake cake, ice cream cone pinata, and ice cream cone bubbles! The kids had a great time!

Ice cream cone cupcake 'cake'

Blowing out her candles!

Me and my girls!

The kids had so much fun on the aquapark!